Building and Equipment Use Policy


We the people of Community Mennonite Church offer our gifts and lives to the call of Jesus Christ.  We strive actively to follow the God of peace through our worship, fellowship, and service to both the local community and the wider world.

A church building where a wide range of community life was carried out:  teaching, learning, worship and fellowship.  It is a special place where the people of God gather seeking to celebrate and to better understand their faith.  It is often a place where the congregation as a group and as individuals catch their vision of ministry and from where those persons go forth to serve.  And it is a place to use in implementing ministries that serve the community along with the wider church and the world.


We recognize that the church building is available for the following:

  1. Meetings, programs, and events sponsored by the congregation:
    • Sunday School classes
    • small groups
    • commissions
    • committees
    • church council
    • groups and ministries sponsored by these administrative units
  2. Meetings of district and area congregations of MCUSA, Virginia Mennonite Conference, Harrisonburg District or of institutions or groups directly related to MCUSA ministries at national, district, or local levels.
  3. Members and regular attenders of the congregation for their personal and family needs (i.e. weddings, funerals, anniversary celebrations, reunions, birthdays, etc.).
  4. Organizations with whom we have an on-going rental agreement (i.e. Patchwork Pantry, Community Pre-School, New Bridges Emigrant Resource Center, English Classes, El Camino Discipular, Seventh Day Adventist Congregation, Collins Center, Harrisonburg Indivisible, Harrisonburg Area Thermal Shelter, MCC, VMRC, special cause groups) needing facilities for group discussions, meetings, luncheons, etc.  It is understood that these groups are non-profit and of community, ecumenical, college, or retirement community concern.
  5. Organizations/individuals with whom we make one-time use agreements.
  6. Other groups and persons provided they do not use the church building and property in a way that the church itself would not use them.  This category includes personal and family needs for non-members and groups which are profit-making, charge fees, etc. (non-member weddings, concerts/performances that charge a fee).


  1. The north ramp door of the building is unlocked between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday – Friday (except major holidays).  Use of the building outside of these hours will be by special arrangement only.
  2. No smoking in the building.
  3. No alcoholic beverages or other drugs in the building or on the property.
  4. Persons and groups are responsible for leaving the facilities as they are found: place all trash and garbage in the trash cans that are provided by the church; clean areas which are used; turn off lights; adjust heat and air conditioning as required; close windows and doors; return furniture and equipment to proper places.
  5. Broken or damaged items will be replaced by the responsible person or organization.
  6. Birdseed and rice will not be distributed or thrown inside the building.  If outside, the remains must be cleaned up by persons or group using the building.
  7. Use is limited to the designated area in the building for which approval has been given.
  8. All groups must be properly supervised, especially recreational groups, with an officially designated person present at all functions.  The signee on the agreement form is responsible and ordinarily be present at event as a supervisor.
  9. Arrangements must be made in advance for air conditioning and heating, setting up tables and chairs, and returning a room to proper order.  Custodial staff will cooperate in this, but must be notified in advance. The group involved is expected to provide labor.
  10. Kitchen:
    1. Clear and clean counter tops and sinks.  Remove all bottles, jars, or containers.
    2. Clean all appliances used including ovens, stoves, & microwave.
    3. Remove items from the refrigerator or freezer.  When items are placed in the refrigerator or freezer, they should be clearly marked and dated to identify use and user.  Unmarked items will be removed after one week by the Hospitality Committee.
    4. Put only non-recyclable garbage in the trash; place all recyclable items in recycling containers or take them when you leave.
    5. Church members, please wash and return dish cloths.  Outside groups, please leave used dish cloths for committee to take care of.
    6. Put dishes, etc. in cabinets in order and place where they were found.
    7. Check that coffee pots, stoves, and ovens are turned off.
    8. Do not cook or use pans on griddle surface, or use it as a work space.
    9. Clean and return to the drawers/shelves all silverware, glasses, or dishes which were used.
    10. Equipment to be taken from the building must be checked out and in on reservation sheet on side of microwave; count items, check on condition received and check on return; report any shortage on items or breakage to church office.
    11. Paper products, coffees and teas are reserved for church groups; categories C, D, E will provide their own products unless special arrangements have been made in advance.
    12. Check notebook located on the top of the microwave in kitchen for instructions regarding use of equipment.
  11. Fellowship Hall
    1. Chairs and tables must be returned to the place where they were found before the room was used.  Tables and chairs returned to the Storage Closets must be put there according to diagram and instructions in the closets.
    2. Check that the floor is cleaned of food or liquids spilled.
    3. Close all windows, ensuring that they are closed and locked, as well, secure all doors used and turn off lights before leaving.
    4. Adjust air conditioning and heating, as required.
    5. Items fastened to walls must be fastened so that they will not leave a permanent mark.
  12. Musical Instruments
    • Pianos – If used, pianos should be left as found (i.e. if the lids and/or keyboard cover were closed, they should be left that way when finished).  Pianos will not be moved without permission.  Rehearsal times must be scheduled through the church office.
  13. When church facilities are needed for a church event or for a memorial service and funeral meal, those scheduled to use the facilities will be asked to change their time and/or meeting place.  Exception – weddings and large group functions.
  14. The church custodian or other responsible person will report any violation of building uses to the Church Administrator, Administration Committee Chair and Facilities Committee Chair who will notify the person responsible for the group.
  15. Candles used in the Sanctuary must have protective devices to contain melted wax.
  16. Maximum table seating capacity for the Fellowship Hall is 200.  The Sanctuary seats 250 and the balcony 60.  Chairs are not to be moved or added to the Sanctuary aisles without permission.  Per fire code, chairs and tables may not block any doorways in the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall.
  17. Food and beverages may not be served or taken outside of the Fellowship Hall and kitchen unless specified in the agreement form or contract.
  18. Report any injuries requiring medical attention to the church office.


Each request for use of the building will be processed in the following manner:

  1. Persons and groups in all categories will contact the Church Administrator.  All categories except categories A & B will complete a form with the following information:
    • Name or Church or Organization
    • Purpose of the Meeting or Event
    • Name, telephone number, and address of contact person responsible for ensuring that all regulations are met
    • Rooms and equipment to be used
  2. The Church Administrator will schedule use by all persons and groups, consulting with the Administration Commission Chair, Facilities Committee Chair or Pastor when questions or concerns arise.  The Church Administrator will notify the contact person regarding use, regulations, and any specific requests for the group.
  3. The Church Administrator will maintain an up-to-date calendar of all events scheduled for use of the building as well as a file of use forms for persons and groups in categories C, D, E.  The Church Administrator will inform the custodian of equipment and spaces needed.
  4. Persons and groups in categories D & E will normally not be scheduled more than six (6) months in advance.


  1. For persons and groups under categories A, B, C – no fee shall be required for use of the facilities.
  2. For persons under category D – a donation toward the cost of utilities, insurance, and general maintenance is encouraged per use.
  3. For persons and groups under category E – User Fees listed on the request form are expected per use (to cover utilities, insurance, and general maintenance).
  4. User Fees for a series of meetings by persons and groups under category E will be determined in consultations with the Administration Committee Chair at the time of the request and will be reviewed annually.
  5. All payments for weddings are payable at the time of reservation.


Each request for use of equipment off premises will be processed in the following manner:

  1. Persons and groups in all categories will contact the Church Administrator will complete a form giving the following information:
    • name of requesting person or group, telephone number, and address
    • items, needed, date needed, and purpose of use
  2. The Church Administrator will notify the person making the request regarding use of equipment and inform him/her of any specific requests regarding use.
  3. All equipment must be returned in good condition; damages will be the responsibility of the person or group using the equipment.
  4. Equipment is to be secured/returned during regular office hours (Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm) unless other arrangements are made; a receipt indicating the equipment has been returned will be given to the Church Administrator.
  5. Tables and chairs are not loaned to non-members for off-site use.


Please follow the diagrams posted in the closets when storing tables and chairs, after use.

To request a facilities rental:

  1.  Print, complete, and sign the second page of this form.
  2. Submit this form:



Sanctuary ($200)Fellowship Hall ($150)Kitchen ($150)Room 109 ($50)Dean House 1 st floor room ($50)Dean House 1 st floor ($150)Sound technician ($25/hr. ($50 min.))Wedding Package ($500)Wedding Package – CMC member ($250)

Do you want to use the piano (Sanctuary only)?

List requested AV Equipment:

Number of tables (32"x6'):

Number of folding chairs:

Reviewed by the Facilities, Administrative & Hospitality Committees, June 2017.