New Attenders Ministry

The New Attender Ministry is an initiative to reach out to new attenders in a more intentional way than our congregation has done in the past.

As we strive to connect with all new attenders we ask that church members reach out to those they don’t know to connect, answer questions, and make the new attender feel welcome. It would be helpful if the church members pass on to the new attender ministry any contact information they receive.

The members who are “on duty” each month will:

  • Become familiar with new attenders who are included on the picture board
  • Pay attention to introductions made during sharing times
  • Watch for new people and greet them before and after services
  • Record names and information on a shared online space, which the pastors can access
  • Be ready to share any information needed to make  newcomers feel welcome at CMC
  • Connect new attenders to other church members
  • Invite newcomers to lunch, to church-wide events, or to coffee/tea as appropriate
  • Make follow-up calls as appropriate


  • Contact: Pastor Dayna Olson-Getty

New Attender Volunteer Job Description