Sound System Volunteers


Sound system volunteers set up, monitor, and adjust the sound system for worship services to which they have been assigned by the sound system volunteer chair.


  1. Coordinate microphone and other sound needs with the worship leader, and set up and test all required equipment before the service.
  2. During the service, adjust sound levels as necessary in the sanctuary, nursery, and fellowship hall.
  3. Record the service and take the recording to the church office after the service.
  4. Take down sound equipment after the service.


Members of this group rarely meet together, but perform their responsibilities individually as scheduled on the worship calendar. This committee reports to Worship Commission, but does not generally send a representative to Worship Commission meetings.

Members include:

  1. Chair. Organizes equipment, sets policy for its effective use, reports issues to the building committee or Worship Commission. Schedules volunteers for each Sunday and special service via the worship calendar.
  2. Members. Sufficient numbers to cover the required services. Must know how to set up and operate sound and recording equipment and be familiar with policies pertaining to their operation.

Current Members

  • Wayne Gehman 2019 (Chair)
  • Jim Miller 2018
  • Delbert Wenger 2018
  • Jonathan Tieszen 2018
  • Jesse Rodriguez 2018
  • Tom Sawin 2018

Sound System Volunteers Job Description