Youth Programs

CMC offers many programs for young people. They are jointly administered by Pastor Jason and Youth Commission.

Venture Club

Venture Club provides activities for youth in third through fifth grade.  Venture Club meets once every month throughout the school year for fun activities, service projects, and learning opportunities.  Events are organized and led by a team of 4 to 6 adult sponsors.  Please feel free to visit the Venture Club bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall for a list of upcoming activities, sponsor contacts, and current Venture Club members.


Junior MYF (Mennonite Youth Fellowship) provides a variety of activities to nurture all areas of a youth’s life (grades 6 through 8) including spiritual, emotional, social, and physical development.  Junior MYF also promotes deep friendship between group members, with mentors, and the church family.  Junior MYF meets once every month throughout the school year; events are organized and led by a team of 4 to 6 adult sponsors.

Senior High MYF

The purpose of Senior High MYF is to create Christian community that is wholesome and inclusive for all youth (grades 9 through 12).  We have chosen to pattern our activities with Christ’s example in mind.  As a group, we are intentional about building relationships with each other and God.  We strive to provide opportunities to serve all of God’s people, those within our particular community as well as the world.  Senior High MYF meets regularly for Sunday School on the second floor of the Dean House (across Water Street from the church).  Activities are held on Wednesday and periodically over the weekend.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program provides opportunities for young persons to develop meaningful relationships with an adult in the congregation that follows the child through high school graduation, and sometimes beyond.  Members of the fifth-grade Sunday School class are given the opportunity to list potential mentors.  Those adults are then contacted and a match is made.