Call to Daily Prayer

Every Day:
O God, we seek your shalom for the places where we live, work, study, and play. We pray for the welfare of all our neighbors: for health, salvation, peace and justice for all your children. May your shalom rule our common life and guide us as you send us into the world to serve you.

Sunday: We pray for the churches in our community, as they gather for worship and continue the work of Jesus in this city and surrounding area. All places of worship and prayer, and people of faith. Virginia Mennonite Conference congregations, conference leaders and staff. The congregations of Harrisonburg District: Charlottesville Mennonite, Early Church, Eastside Church, Family of Hope, Harrisonburg Mennonite, Iglesia Discipular Anabaptista, Immanuel Mennonite, Manantial de Vida, Mt. Vernon Mennonite, New Beginnings Church, Parkview Mennonite, Ridgeway Mennonite and the Table. Those with whom we disagree. All who foster respect, understanding, and friendship among your diverse people. All who seek God.

Monday: We pray for the ministries and organizations that are housed in CMC’s buildings: Patchwork Pantry, Community Preschool, New Bridges Immigrant Resource Center, Skyline Literacy, Bridge of Hope, and El Camino Discipular. Open Doors shelter and all congregations who provide space and volunteers for this service to our homeless neighbors. All who provide shelter and work to end homelessness in our community. Nonprofit organizations and those they serve. Marginalized persons, the lonely and discouraged. All who suffer from addictions. Veterans and their families. The ministry of Our Community Place.

Tuesday: We pray for the residents of Harrisonburg. The mayor, city council, city employees, and school board. Print, broadcast, and digital media. Police, fire and rescue workers. All schools, students, teachers, counselors and staff. Day care centers. Universities, colleges, and technical schools. All young people. Children in foster care, foster parents. All victims of abuse. All perpetrators of abuse. Social service agencies. Highland Retreat.

Wednesday: We pray for the residents of Rockingham County, the Board of Supervisors, county administrators and workers, school board. Town councils. All public servants. Those working in banking and finance, all making financial decisions. Victims of crime. All who commit crime. Rockingham Regional Jail, inmates and staff. Sheriff’s department. The courts. Those who work in restorative justice and mediation. Gemeinschaft Home. Fairfield Center.

Thursday: We pray for the residents and decision-making bodies of neighboring counties: Augusta, Albemarle, Page, Greene, Shenandoah, Pendleton, and Hardy. All who own businesses. Construction workers. Transportation workers. Farmers. All who prepare and serve food. Those who work in retail. The unemployed and underemployed. Hospitals, health care agencies, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. All who provide health care. Harrisonburg Free Clinic. Medical Suitcases Clinic. The sick and elderly in need of care. The uninsured. The dying and those who mourn. All senior citizens. Newborn babies.

Friday: We pray for all who live in the state of Virginia. The governor, the General Assembly, and all who work in state government and state agencies. An end to racism and prejudice. All who work for reconciliation and healing. Those who live in poverty. The wealthy. All who live with mental illness and those who care for them. All marriages and loving relationships. All families. Single parents. Those whose family members are far away. All who hurt, need inner healing, are unable to love. Artists, musicians, entertainers, and all involved in creative endeavors.

Saturday: We pray for the city of Washington, DC. The President of the United States, Cabinet, Congress, Supreme Court, and federal agencies. Persons in the military and their families. All who work in manufacturing industries. Our environment and those who work to protect it. Immigrants, refugees, victims of war. All who work to preserve and promote the common good, and who speak out for justice. CMC members and attenders, our children and teens, Sunday School teachers, commissions and committees, church council, church administrator, custodian, pastoral staff and elders. MC USA, Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite World Conference.

During the service on February 2, 2014, the Pastoral Team called the church to daily prayer for our city and our world. Below is the daily cycle of prayer which they offered the congregation. This Call to Daily Prayer is an adaption of Richmond Hill’s Daily Cycle of Prayer.

Richmond Hill is an ecumenical Christian fellowship and residential community who serve as stewards of an urban retreat center in Richmond, Virginia. Their mission is to advance God’s healing of Metropolitan Richmond through prayer, hospitality, racial reconciliation and spiritual development.