Category: Worship Service

Worship 8/3/14

Worship Series: Seeing Shalom Where We Are Sent Preacher: Jennifer Davis Sensenig Worship Leader: Lee Good Sermon Title: Baptized into God's Mission Reading: Matthew 12:15-24 Special Events: Baptism – Lydia Stoll Bulletin 8/4/14

Worship Service 7/27/14

Worship Series: Summertime Discipleship  Preacher: Dayna Olson-Getty Worship Leader: Brian Martin Burkholder Sermon Title: "Sisters in the Gospel" Reading: Matthew 13:33; 27:31-36, 55-56; 28:1-10 Bulletin 7/27/14

Worship Service 7/20/14

Worship Series: Summertime Discipleship  Preacher: No Preacher (Music Sunday) Worship Leader: Jennifer Davis Sensenig Reading: Matthew 13:1-9; Matthew 13:24-30; Matthew 13:31-32; Matthew 13:36-43 Bulletin 7/20/14  

Worship Service 7/13/14

Worship Series: Summertime Discipleship Preacher: Jennifer Davis Sensenig Worship Leader: Sue Cockley Sermon Title: "Greater than…." Reading: Matthew 12:1-8, 38-42; II Chronicles 9:1-9 Special Events: Commissioning for Kyle Good Bulletin 7/13/14

Worship Service 7/6/14

Worship Series: Summertime Discipleship Preacher: Naomi Yoder  Worship Leader: Sheri Smucker Sermon Title: Judging Like Children or Knowing Like Infants Reading: Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30; Zechariah 9:9-12 Special Events: Commissioning of… Read more »

Worship Service 6/29/14

Worship Series: Summertime Discipleship Preacher: Jason Gerlach Worship Leader: Laura Quass Ferdinand Sermon Title: There Will Be Scars Reading: Jeremiah 20:7-18; Matthew 10:24-39 Special Events: Caring and Sharing Offering Bulletin… Read more »

Worship Service 6/15/14

Worship Series: Trinity Sunday Preacher: No Sermon (some audio here) Worship Leader: Dayna Olson-Getty and Naomi Yoder Reading: Genesis 1:1 – 2:4; Matthew 28:16 – 20 and II Corinthians 13:11… Read more »