Grants Guidelines

Compassion Fund

Compassion Fund is for helping our own active CMC members, or regular attenders. Financial needs are presented to Grants Committee for consideration from small groups, pastors, or Sunday School classes. Each request will be kept confidential and reviewed on an individual basis. If at all possible, payment will be made directly to the collecting agency instead of the individual.

There is a limit of $1,200 per family, per calendar year. Compassion Funds are not loans.
Compassion Funds are given as gifts, but if a person would like to replenish the Compassion Fund, they are free to do so at any time.


  1. The request process may be initiated by the Pastoral Team, small groups or Sunday School classes.
  2. An application form must be completed; phone call messages, emails, or typed papers will not be accepted. Application forms are available from the church office or the Grants Committee.
  3. The completed application form will be submitted to the Chair of the Grants Committee for consideration by the committee.
  4. The Grants Committee will discuss the request, and make a decision on it. If the request is for more than $600, it will be taken to Church Council for approval.
  5. Upon approval, the application form will be given to the Church Administrator with the payment request for funds. The Church Administrator will issue the check, make two copies and disburse the check.
  6. In circumstances in which matching funds may be available, the Chair will give a copy of the check to the Everence representative. Everence will send a check to the church for half the amount of CMC’s check.
  7. The Church Administrator will put the Everence check in the Compassion Fund.

Educational Grants – Mennonite Undergraduate Institutions

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, CMC will provide $2000 each year to students who attend a Mennonite Church college or university. Prior to that school year, the amount was $1000 for many years. Guidelines to receive the money are that the student and/or parent(s) have been full or associate members at CMC for ten months prior to the school year for which they are requesting grant money. The student and/or the parent(s) must also be currently attending CMC. If a family leaves the area or changes churches, the student will be grandfathered in for one year only. College/university students are eligible to receive grant money for four years while getting their first degree. This grant money is matched by each school. Application forms are available in late winter from the Grants Committee and must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Committee by the requested date. All requests for grant money must be submitted each year to the Grants Committee.

Educational Grants – Eastern Mennonite School (8600-150)

Children and youth of CMC whose guardian/parent(s) are members of CMC are eligible for educational need-based grants to attend Eastern Mennonite Schools. Students enrolled at Eastern Mennonite School (Kindergarten to Grade 12), will complete a CMC application form. The amount of each grant is determined by the household’s demonstrated financial need through a third party financial aid agency and the FAST eligibility form. The full financial need for each student will be met by CMC (50%) and EMS (50%).

Educational Grants – Anabaptist Institutional Scholarships (3245-109)

Tax exempt contributions may be given to a special fund for scholarships for students attending other peace colleges/universities and seminaries (see list below). Persons may contribute to this fund at any time. All money that is collected will be distributed evenly among those who request this money. Each scholarship will not exceed the amount that the Mennonite college students receive for the year. Applications will be accepted through the Grants Committee for the upcoming school year. The guidelines for receiving this grant are identical to the above criteria.

Everence Matching Funds

Various matching Grants are available through Everence to persons attending CMC. Requests are processed through the Grants Committee to the Everence representative. Receipts of bills are often needed to accompany the application for this matching grant.

Anabaptist Institutions

Undergraduate Level

Bethany Bible Institute MB Hepburn SK
Bethel College MC USA North Newton KS
Bluffton University MC USA Bluffton OH
Bridgewater College COB Bridgewater VA
Canadian Mennonite University MC CAN Winnipeg MB
Columbia Bible College MB Abbotsford BC
Conrad Grebel Univ. College MC CAN Waterloo ON
Eastern Mennonite University MC USA Harrisonburg VA
Elizabethtown College COB Elizabethtown PA
Fresno Pacific University MB Fresno CA
Goshen College MC USA Goshen IN
Hesston College MC USA Hesston KS
Juniata College COB Huntingdon PA
McPherson College COB McPherson KS
Manchester College COB North Manchester IN
Messiah College BIC Grantham PA
Rosedale Bible College Conservative Mennonite Irwin OH
Steinbach Bible College MB and EMB Steinbach MB
Tabor College MB Hillsboro KS
University of LaVerne COB LaVerne CA
Menn. Brethren Bible College MB Winnipeg MB

Seminary Level

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Elkhart IN
Eastern Mennonite Seminary Harrisonburg VA
Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary Fresno CA
Toronto Mennonite Theological Center Toronto ON

Peace Studies

Center for Peacemaking & Conflict Studies Fresno CA
Conflict Transformation Program Harrisonburg VA
Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies Waterloo ON