Greet and welcome everyone to the worship service.  Be sure that newcomers know about classes and encourage them to fill out the blue form in the brochure.   Work with the Pastor of Community Life to coordinate the work of welcomers.  Be alert to new attenders and inform pastoral staff.


Chair and Assistant Chair serve 2 years, first year as assistant, second as chair.

Chair: be a welcomer; call meetings; updates materials; communicate with Assistant for schedule and new welcomers, Church Administrator for information, Pastor of Community Life for New Attenders' meal, etc.; congregational education on Hospitality; read and submit ideas to committee; delegate appropriate responsibilities to other welcomers; participate in and report at the quarterly meetings of the Community Life Commission.

Assistant Chair: (this has been consolidated into the duties of Chair). Be a welcomer; prepare name tags for committee members; acquire list of names from Gifts Discernment in Fall; schedule 2 committee members per church service for the September-August church year; maintain schedule; orient new welcomers; send weekly
reminders to welcomers scheduled for the following Sunday.

Welcomer: wear name tag; be at designated doorway 20 minutes before church service starts; focus on new persons to greet, give verbal information, appropriate handouts, pass out blue information forms; greet regular members

Regular Activities/Responsibilities:

  • September: The chair will be in contact with all welcomers to receive any suggestions for improvement and to determine their availability for the coming year, receive any new names from Gifts Discernment for the new church year
  • October: The assistant chair will make a new schedule for Jan-Dec; the chair will write the annual report
  • November: The chair will plan, with Pastor of Community Life, a meeting for welcomers to go over procedures and ideas for the coming year.
  • December: Write annual report

Members (two-year term):

    • Sharon Showalter 2019
    • Aliese Gingerich 2019
    • Elaine Zook Barge 2019
    • Ken & Martha June Graber 2019
    • Nancy Heisey 2019
    • Hadley Jenner 2019
    • Jan Jenner 2019
    • Sharon Miller 2019
    • Keaton Shenk 2019
    • Dave Smucker 2019
    • Sue Swartz 2019