Pandemic-Related Announcements

  • Regular CMC activities have been suspended since mid March, 2020 or are taking place virtually on the Internet.  The church office is closed.  Please contact CMC staff via email, phone, or mail.
  • We strongly recommend that small groups NOT meet in person for the time being. However, some small groups may decide to meet through zoom or other virtual connections. CMC can facilitate your zoom meetings by scheduling them through Ben Bailey, contact him by email. And there are other creative ways which small groups (and others throughout CMC) can maintain connections with each other. If your small group is finding creative ways to be in contact, to pray for each other, to share art, poems, spiritual reflections, or to support each other, we'd love to hear about them, and share ideas with one another. Please see a June 20, 2020 small group recommendations announcement below. 
  • Early in the pandemic, CMC formed an Pandemic Advisory Team composed of health care professionals and church leaders to give guidance and recommendations for best practices regarding our community life and ministry. Kristina Landis Yoder, a nurse practitioner, is leading the team, which includes Alden Hostetter, Sue Klassen, Pastor Jennifer Davis Sensenig, and Council Chair Jeremy Nafziger.
  • Contact the CMC office to arrange Zoom meetings for small groups, Sunday school, or other church meetings.
  • During the pandemic, the CMC newsletter will still be distributed every Wednesday via email. If you need to be added to the list or wish to add an announcement, contact Ben Bailey in the church office

Worship During COVID-19

All worship activities in our church building are canceled until further notice. CMCers are invited to participate in worship together remotely via video each week. A worship video will be emailed to CMCers and posted to the website by 8 a.m. each Sunday morning, as well as YouTube. The Contemplative Service will continue on Zoom on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. The link to access the service will be distributed via email with the worship video each week. View past worship videos, as well as children's Sunday School lessons on our YouTube Channel

Small Groups Recommendations As Of June 2020

Zoom small group 2020

Even with precautions, there is always some amount of inherent risk when meeting with others. When you meet with a group of people, you're also, in effect, meeting with all the people the others have met with in the last two weeks. Think about your recent contacts and your likelihood of recent exposure. The safest way to limit personal exposure and prevent spread continues to be to stay at home. If you are planning to meet with others, please consider the following recommendations:

  1. Group size of 10 or fewer
  2. Meet outdoors
  3. Wear masks and maintain 6 feet physical distancing
  4. Consider activities other than eating that would allow for wearing masks
  5. Refrain from singing together
  6. BYO- everything: lawn chairs, food, drinks, utensils, etc
  7. If possible, avoid using restrooms in other people’s homes. To help with this, keep time frames relatively short. Disinfect bathrooms between uses.
  8. Meet no more frequently than every two weeks. 

 Additional Items To Consider Before Meeting

  1. Are there children in your group? Do young children in the group have the developmental capacity to abide by physical distancing? Consider having a defined space for children to play in/on, such as a picnic blanket. For two-parent homes, consider having one parent stay at home with children while the other parent attends.
  2. Are there members of the group who have high potential for occupational exposure or who work with high-risk groups?
  3. Does everyone in the group share the same comfort level with meeting? Are there persons who are elderly and/or immunocompromised?  Tailor your meeting choice to those least comfortable or those at highest risk. 
  4. Review current guidelines at the Virginia Department of Health. ( Discuss these guidelines and your meeting parameters with the group before meeting in-person. 

Offering Options

Patchwork Pantry

Patchwork Pantry continues to serve people in need on Wednesdays, from 6:30-7:30 PM. Workers deliver food and supplies to cars in the parking lot to minimize exposure. Young healthy volunteers are needed. See their website. To volunteer, contact the pantry via this online form.