Gifts Discernment Survey

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Greetings from the Gifts Discernment Committee!  Please take some time to consider how you might like to stay involved, or become more involved, with the work of Community Mennonite Church.  Your responses on our survey (see link below) do not obligate you to anything, but they do help us know who might be interested in various roles at church.  

Gifts Discernment surveys the congregation periodically to find out who is willing to help the church by serving in various roles and on committees. Please fill out this quick survey to let us know how you'd like to participate in helping the community. The committee doesn't assume you are willing to do everything, or even anything!  This gives us some idea of what you might want to do this year or in the future. Not all the roles on the survey are even open this year.  We keep the data to use as leads.

You can review the mission statements of the various committees on the CMC website, under the Commissions button.  I also want to encourage you to contact a member of our committee if you have questions about specific roles (how many meetings, how much time commitment, what if I'm gone part of the year, will I have to speak in front of the congregation, etc.).

Members of Gifts Discernment committee:

Sue Cockley for Commission Chairs, Elders and Council Leadership   16
____________  for the Administration Commission
Matt Gingerich for the Community Life Commission   15
Shannon Sneary for the Outreach Commission              16
Kristina Yoder for the Worship Commission                   16
Andrea Wenger for the Youth Commission                      15
Monica Carlson for Sunday School teachers and helpers  17

Please complete the survey before October 1.

Community Mennonite Church
70 South High Street Harrisonburg, VA