Photography Permissions Policy

At various church events, we frequently take pictures. Sharing them on the church website and Facebook helps us stay connected with those who consider CMC an important part of their lives. However, seeking permission to share photos from every person photographed is an onerous process.

Legally, we do not have to get permission from anyone who is photographed in a public space, like the church. However, it is polite to avoid posting pictures of people online without their permission, particularly where children are concerned.

The church will take the following steps to ensure that people feel comfortable when there are cameras out at church events:

  1. Events that require registration, especially those that will attract non-members, should include the following question on the registration form: “We will be taking pictures at this event. May we post photos of you/your child on the church’s website and Facebook page?”
  2. The church will create and maintain a “do not photograph” list. Members will be informed via a mailbox note, and announcements in church, on the website, and in the Newsweekly, that they should email the church office if they do not wish to have pictures of themselves or their children shared on our website or Facebook.
  3. Every time we post photos to the church’s website, on a bulletin board or Facebook, the post will include the following message. “CMC respects members’ privacy. If your picture is here and you do not want it to be, contact the church office to have it immediately removed and to add yourself to the ‘Do Not Photo’ list.”

Approved by Church Council on August 18, 2016.