We believe God is present whenever God’s people gather. That is why we worship together each week and why we encourage everyone to participate in worship. Please join us!

Sunday Morning Congregational Service

We gather joyfully every week to worship together. Sunday morning worship begins at 9 am during the school year and 10 am during the summer months (early June-August). Our worship follows the Common Liturgy and we use Hymnal: A Worship BookSing the Story, and Sing the Journey to make music together. We include dramatic readings, instrumental music, and visual arts in many of our services. Each service also includes a time of sharing, when we bring our concerns and joys to our community and ask for their prayerful company. Check out our Worship Podcast.

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Sunday Evening Contemplative Service

To serve those who prefer another worship experience, Community Mennonite Church offers an evening service centered on contemplative prayer. Our Contemplative Service meets at 7 pm every Sunday in the Fellowship Hall. All are welcome! Check out the bulletin we use to guide our worship.

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