Art at CMC

Permanent Installations

Our building is home to beautiful works of art, including stained glass installations that hold significant symbolic meaning for our congregation.  The tree icon, centered high at the front of our Sanctuary is our unofficial logo and is featured on many CMC print materials. The works currently on display are:

  • Prayer, located in our Prayer Alcove near the front of the Sanctuary, was created by Zac Nafziger.
  • Welcome, located in our Fellowship Hall, is another stained glass work by Zac Nafziger.  It was commissioned and installed at the conclusion of our "Everyone Welcome" renovation project in 2015.
  • Blessings Flowing Waters is a collaboration between stained glass artist Zac Nafziger and woodworker, Rhett Miles. It is located in our Prayer Alcove.
  • Tree, is a stained glass work by Jay D. Kain installed in our sanctuary in 1991.
  • Icons, a series of paint on woodworks hanging in our Fellowship Hall, were imagined by Kathryn Fenton and inspired by the Anabaptist faith and traditional Orthodox Church icons.

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