We  believe that following Jesus Christ means upholding and supporting each other. Connections between people are a source of joy and comfort. Here are some ways to get and stay connected…

Regular attenders wear name tags to help newcomers as well as each other learn names. If you've begun to attend regularly and would like a name badge, email the church office.

We use an online directory called "Breeze." Contact the church office about being added to the directory and getting the password. It's a great way to learn names as most entries include a photo.

Request to join our weekly newsletter distribution by emailing the church office. Simply ask to be added to the mailing list.

An active "CMC Women" Facebook page is a great connector around things practical and profound. If you can't find it with a search, ask the office for help in connecting there.

The fellowship time between worship and Faith Formation classes is a good time to mingle and chat. This kind of setting can be intimidating. Greeters/welcomers and pastors are eager to catch you and chat. Please know that you are welcome!