Membership Covenant

Community Mennonite Church regularly renews our membership covenant with one another. Our membership process includes a time of preparation with pastors or participation in a catechism class led by one of the pastors. We receive members through baptism and confession of faith, or by a letter of transfer and confession of faith. We also offer associate membership to persons who continue to carry membership in another congregation or denomination.

Are you regularly attending CMC and not yet a member? Please talk with one of our pastors. We would be happy to help you prepare for this step in your faith journey.

CMC Membership Covenant Litany

We, the people of Community Mennonite Church, believe in God the creator of the universe. We confess Jesus, the Christ, God's Son as Savior. We have opened our lives to the Holy Spirit, trusting the Spirit to enable us to understand God's will, as revealed in the Bible and through the Christian community, and to equip us to demonstrate the spirit of Jesus in all of our relationships.

We commit ourselves to a life of discipleship.

  • We will follow the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, giving ourselves to learning, repentance, obedience, and active witness.
  • We will practice a life of study, prayer, and meditation; confessing openly our spiritual struggles; giving and receiving counsel, support, and teaching.
  • We will strive to live with integrity in a world of materialism, inequity, deception, and idolatry.

We commit ourselves to a life of worship.

  • We will come together having prepared ourselves to meet God and each other, and will actively participate in worship.
  • We will bring to God and God's people expressions of our faith through music, sharing, prayer, giving, and proclamation.

We commit ourselves to a life of ministry.

  • We will join ourselves to Christ's purposes by seeking to reconcile persons to God and each other.
  • We will support broader Mennonite Church programs through faithful giving, personal involvement, and prayer.
  • We will recognize our interdependence with the larger body of Christ, maintaining our connections wherever possible.

We commit ourselves to a life of love.

  • We will show our love for each other by sharing abilities, gifts, and material resources for the good of the whole.
  • We will offer our time, possessions, and abilities to God for the building of the kingdom.
  • We will practice hospitality through warmly accepting all persons in our church, small groups, and homes.

In loving response to God's saving acts in our lives, we do hereby bind ourselves to God in Christ and to our brothers and sisters in a covenant relationship. By this covenant we declare our commitment to live in obedience as a fellowship of believers under the lordship of Christ.

Adapted from the 10/3/82 Covenant of Community Mennonite Church

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