Safe Church

“No longer will violence be heard in your land, nor ruin and destruction within your borders. You will call your walls Salvation, and your gates, praise.” Isaiah 60:18

Community Mennonite Church follows Safe Church practices along with other churches both locally and nationally. The Safe Church program equips adults in the church to protect and prevent the sexual abuse of children so that our church and community are a safe, nurturing place for the most vulnerable among us. The program seeks to avoid the pitfalls that have historically plagued churches by offering accountability measures similar to those used with the treatment of money in the life of the church.

Practices that help protect children include: having two persons Safe Church Approved adults present with children whenever possible, requiring background checks of all adults who work with children, and periodic Safe Church training and seminars.  Children are educated to expect safety and to think about what that feels like; they are encouraged to say if they are uncomfortable and know that the adults will respect what they say. The Safe Church program seeks to empower adult survivors of sexual abuse in the church by acknowledging that abuse can happen in church and working to create an environment of protection.

Please review the full policy if you have any questions.

Wondering how to become an approved adult? Here's everything you need to know.