Our Denomination

We are Mennonites, a group of Anabaptists. We are members of the Allegheny Mennonite Conference.

Our Vision

We at Community Mennonite Church are Christians seeking to know and to follow Christ in daily life. Since our beginning in 1972, we have followed a two-fold vision for church life, symbolized by our name, "Community."

Our inward vision is to have a quality of congregational life that makes us a true community of God's people sharing, learning, and serving together.

Our outward vision is to show God's presence in this community through evangelism and outreach ministries. We also try to understand our role as God's people in the broader global community.

Through our many programs and activities, we strive to call people to a personal faith in Christ and to inspire persons to live in a way that gives evidence to faith. Both individually and as a church family, we strive to be the living presence of Christ in the world.

Our Congregational life

At Community Mennonite we get together regularly to encourage, support, and challenge each other. Through congregational worship, Christian education, and small groups, we celebrate God’s activity among us and commit ourselves to God’s purposes.

Our Leadership

Church Council makes important decisions in the life of the church. When necessary, decisions are brought to the entire congregation for a vote. Congregational Chair and Vice-Chair facilitate these processes.