Newsletter & Announcements

A Weekly Update on Everything CMC

Our church newsletter is published on Wednesday weekly.  In our newsletter, you can find information about our current worship series, updates about CMC ministries, announcements, and snapshots of church life.  The newsletter is distributed via church mailboxes and email. You can find the most recent CMC newsletters in this archive page. Contributions to the newsletter are welcome, but they must be submitted to by Tuesday before the newsletter is published. To see when the next newsletter will be published, check the church calendar. Our church administrator edits the newsletter and it is a good idea to check the calendar before submitting a substantial contribution.

Weekly Announcements

Announcements are shared in worship each week. Typically, announcements feature a few short blurbs about upcoming events in the life of our congregation. We encourage CMCers to submit announcements to the Church Office by Friday each week and refrain from making announcements in worship during our sharing and prayer time. Last minute announcements can be placed on the desk in the church office before Sunday morning worship. We prioritize announcements pertaining to CMC's ministries and will use our discretion when determining which announcements to share.