Barriers down

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The big news this week is that the construction barriers at both ends of the north hall are down. You can really walk there, and see the newly formed rooms, albeit on unfinished floors and under ceilings that are still being completed. In other news in the week that ended with Halloween:

  • The form for the concrete steps at the south entrance was built, and concrete will be poured on Wednesday, Nov. 4. As you recall, there will be a platform outside the door there, which will make these steps much safer and more usable. We won't even have to lock the door from the outside.
  • Both HVAC units for the sanctuary were brought online by Friday morning and were running during the service on Sunday–though we did try out just about all the possible temperatures then. Thankfully, the moving air didn't seem to cause much noise; it was barely audible. The engineer who designed the HVAC changes, Eldie Suter, was amazed with the results. Also, HVAC indoor units were installed in offices, restrooms and nursery.
  • Linda Martin Burkholder and her volunteers continue to stay ahead of the various trades and painting is rolling along.
  • Ceiling gridwork was completed. That's the track things that hold up the suspended ceilings.
  • Flooring repairs were completed for all rooms except the former janitorial closet (which will be an office storage room in the future). Restroom vinyl tile will go in next week, along with the sink vanity tops.

Some pictures:


Although it was kind of fun to look at the work through the windows in the construction barriers, removing them will definitely make it easier to, you know, walk down the new hall.


This elaborate wood structure will be filled with concrete to make the new steps at the south entrance.


This is the outdoor portion of the sanctuary air machine in the south atrium. The pumpkin banner, though nicely seasonal, is temporary and unrelated to the HVAC system.

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