Be Vigilant for the Valley…

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One of the blessings in our community is the collaboration across faith communities and traditions as well as partnerships between congregations and other sectors of the community for the common good.  When Be Vigilant for the Valley began with leadership from our United Way local faith communities were asked to be involved and Rev. Alex Zuber of Muhlenberg Lutheran Church became a representative for Faith in Action to Be Vigilant for the Valley.  He attended meetings and shared information regarding local health recommendations with congregations…until he contracted COVID-19.  The good news is that Pastor Alex has recovered and is back in action with his congregation and other aspects of community leadership.  Some specific current recommendations from Be Vigilant for the Valley for reducing the risk and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in our community are these:

  • For Christmas and other major holidays this winter, please provide online or drive-in options rather than in-person gatherings.  
  • Encourage congregational members to not travel over holidays.

Be Vigilant for the Valley is concerned that local people may become careless with precautions in favor of holiday gatherings or create  local super-spreader events.  CMC is planning a virtual Christmas Eve worship service.  Let’s uphold each other in prayer as we discern together and make tough choices about travel and family traditions.  

-Pastor Jennifer

Community Mennonite Church
70 South High Street Harrisonburg, VA