Building Project Update: Underway!

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The building permit for renovations at CMC was approved this week, and work began almost immediately, and the north hallway is going to be closed for a few months. When you come to church, whether for the Safe Church training on Saturday or for worship on Sunday, here are some things to know:

  1. Don’t use the ramp entrance, unless you need the ramp. The north hallway is closed off from room 109 to beside the church office, and walls are already down in the former nursery and conference room. Don’t go in that area, please.
  2. Instead of the ramp, use one of the glass entry doors.
  3. The church offices are now upstairs. And, the nursery is downstairs.
  4. You can’t get to the restrooms from the closed hall anymore, so there are now doors to the restrooms in the fellowship hall.
  5. There are some tables and other things in the coat rack area next to the kitchen. They had to go somewhere! That’s a temporary situation, but please stay off them.

Overall, the process of moving offices and rearranging things and getting work started went pretty well, and even though it’s a bit of a mess, it’s exciting to see the project underway. The building committee will be updating progress weekly, and as events warrant.

Thanks for your assistance and flexibility.

Jeremy Nafziger for the CMC Building Committee

This is where the nursery and conference room used to be. The ramp entrance is to the right.

The restroom doors are now in the fellowship hall, temporarily. You can't get to them from the north hallway anymore.

The pastors' new office on the second floor. All of them and Nitsuh in one room.




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