Building Update for September 3, 2015

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Jack Rutt, managing the project for CMC, says there was a lot going on this week, and that there were no big surprises. It seems like both of those are good signs on a construction project.

Among the "lot going on" this week:

  • The last part of the framing in the north hallway area should be done today (Thursday)
  • Also in the north hallway, the first plumbing for the new restrooms is going in. Less work than expected was required in the ceilings of the (unused this semester) basement Sunday school rooms, because some of the previous sewer pipes can be reused.
  • Since some of the new pipes go through old asbestos tile, a removal specialist had to come get that tile. ("No one puts new pipes through old asbestos because the pipes will burst; the stuff will run out of them and the things will be ruined. No, they put new pipes into new flooring, and both are preserved. Also, cutting through asbestos is unhealthy."–Not Matthew 9:17.)
  • Throughout the building, most of the radiators have been disconnected at the wall, and the pipes to the mechanical room have also been disconnected. Removed pipe will be taken to a scrap metal dealer. Radiator removal is a little more difficult (they're heavy, and sometimes upstairs), but a good volunteer opportunity for CMCers. Watch for more information on that and other other ways to help soon.
  • Footers for the new landing and steps at the south entrance (on Water St.) were poured, and the floor of That Weird Step To the Fellowship Hall (official title) was removed in preparation for removing that step.
  • Rough-in for electrical work and for heating/air conditioning will start next week.

Some pictures from this week's action.


Plumbing rough-in for the new women's restroom.


Framing done on, left to right, the new north hall, the new men's restroom, and the new nursery.


That Weird Step to the Fellowship Hall: almost gone.


The footer for the replacement steps at the south entrance is poured. In related news, CMC will begin offering a Sunday school class called "Concrete and Conversation."

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