Bulletin & Newsweekly for Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Snakes & Ladders – Sloth & joy

Worship Leader: Dayna Olson-Getty
Song Leader, Prelude, & Offertory: Matt Hunsberger
Preacher & Children’s Time: Jennifer Davis Sensenig
190721 Bulletin

Upcoming CMC Events

Sun, Jul 21                     Contemplative Worship Service, 8pm, Sanctuary
Wed, Jul 24                   Kids’ Club, 6pm, Basement
Sun, Aug 4                     Potluck & Pastor Dayna’s Farewell, 12pm Morrison Park
Fri-Sun, Sep 20-22         CMC’s Annual Retreat

CMC Events and Announcements

Please participate in the CMC Kids' Club volunteer interest survey! Kids’ Club happens on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm – 7:15pm at the church.  There are a number of different roles that we need volunteers for each week. We're using this survey to gauge your interest in volunteering – both how often and what types of roles. By filling out this form, you're only indicating your willingness/availability to volunteer.  Please email or call Hannah Hall with questions.  hannahdmhall@gmail.com, 724-953-6987

Community Mennonite is making potato salad for the Friday meal at the Sing Me High Festival, Aug. 23-34. On Thurs. Aug 22 we need help making the potato salad including cleaning and cutting potatoes, cooking the potatoes and putting the salad together. We will start about 4:30 pm  We were done around 8 pm last year.  Bring knives for cutting.  I could use one person to help serve on Friday from 5:30-7 pm . There are perks involved. Please contact Jennifer Ulrich if you can help. ulrichjm@comcast.net

The Virginia Mennonite Conference Delegate Assembly will be July 18-20 at Lindale Mennonite Church. Pastor Jennifer and our three delegates, Lee Good, Del Snyder, and Mike Brislen, will be attending on behalf of our congregation. Everyone is invited to the worship services Thursday and Friday evening at 6:45pm.

MCC Care Kits for people detained by ICE – After church on Sunday, July 28, we will assemble care kits in the Fellowship Hall. Please bring items for these kits, your already assembled kits, or cash donations ($40/kit) for MCC.  For more information about the kits and what to include, visit mcc.org/immigrationkit.  Outreach Commission plans to make this an ongoing initiate, and other kit collection dates will be added in the future. Other opportunities for local or church-wide immigration advocacy and action include:

Farewell and Blessing – Please stop by the table in the fellowship hall on Sundays, July 21 or July 28, to add your farewell and blessing to a book we're compiling for Pastor Dayna.  -Church Council

HAVE A MOVING EXPERIENCE? Thanks, we had one – It was 30 years ago – July 17, 1989, to be specific – when Community Mennonite Church, then located on the corner of Chicago Ave. & Green St., traded buildings with the Harrisonburg Church of God at 70 S. High St. Where you there when it happened?  You can read the accounts of the 'church swap' and check out the glorious black and white photos of the move on display on the "CMC Today" bulletin board on the south end of the fellowship hall. And,  on the same bulletin board – check out the latest virtuous photo collage depicting CMC folks eschewing the seven "Deadly Vices" and opting instead for "Holy Virtues" in worship services late June – mid-July.     Jim Bishop

WHAT MEAN THESE STONES? – More history repeats itself repeats itself on the "CMC Yesterday" bulletin board on the east side of the fellowship hall as Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine turns the hands of time waaaaay back with more photo collages of pivotal events in the life of CMC – the first church retreats in 1975 and 1976 held at Highland Retreat and 1978 or 1979 at Buckhill Camp, respectively, and our 1982 fall retreat at Caroline Furnace when the original church covenant was adopted and 'sealed.' The Lord does indeed move in mysterious ways!   Jim Bishop

Announcements from Virginia Mennonite Conference, Harrisonburg & beyond

Our Community Place Provides Temporary Overnight Respite to Homeless Neighbors – In response to recent events downtown that have drastically reduced the number of places where homeless individuals can sleep at night, Our Community Place has opened its grounds for a limited number of people to sleep at least through the end of July. The decision is the result of extensive conversations between OCP staff, board, law enforcement, and city leadership, including Mayor Deanna Reed and Chief Eric English. Click here to read more.

We are seeking to hire a lifeguard for 3-4 hours on Sept 7 at our Park View Mennonite Church retreat ($15 per hour I believe). If you have any church youth who may be qualified and interested, please have them contact me at office@pvmchurch.org or pass along the contact information below.

Need & Plenty

Are you interested in trying out a dog to see if your family is ready for pets?  Or do you want to foster a great dog for about six weeks?   Hadley and I are going to be in Alaska from August 22 – September 29, and are trying to find a good place for Lucy while we're gone.   Lucy is a 6-year-old golden doodle,  who is very friendly and loves people.  Lucy loves walks and romping, and also spends a lot of time curled up next to where ever one of us is.  She can be a bit much tor young children — her size can make her attempts to be friendly overwhelming.  We'll provide all the food, toys, etc, and can provide a stipend, especially if a child/teenager takes primary responsibility for her.   Thanks for considering this.  Jan and Hadley Jenner (janjenner@gmail.com)

The Roth-Swataskys have both a house and an apartment close to EMU that will be available to rent starting late August and early September.  If you or someone you know are interested, contact Rachel Roth Swatasky at 540-383-1398