Ceilings and steps

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Lots of stuff going on this week as we near the three-weeks-until-this-part-is-done mark. Here's what happened in the week that ended Nov. 6:

  • Ceiling tile and recessed LED lights were installed throughout the rooms in the north hall.
  • In the restrooms, vinyl tile was installed on the floors and the vanities were installed on the walls. Note: That's "vanity" as in the home decoration sense of the word, not the Ecclesiastes sense.
  • There are actual concrete steps outside the south entrance.
  • There is insulation in the crawl space below the church and pastors' offices. There wasn't any before.
  • The controls for HVAC in the sanctuary are better than they were last Sunday, and are fully operational. In other HVAC work, a steel platform for rooftop outdoor HVAC units has been built and will likely be installed sometime next week using a crane.

A few pictures:


Ceiling tiles and recessed lights in the church office.


Vanity counter in the restrooms.


General contractor Jim Herr checks the level on the south entrance steps. The landing slopes away from the building, slightly, so water runs off.


New steps–wide and safe–to the south entrance.

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