CMC Launches Anti-Oppression Task Force

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Earlier this spring, CMC formed an Anti-Oppression Task Force. Over the next year, task force members will lay the groundwork for an Equity Change Team, which will have an ongoing influence on CMC life. This work includes clarifying leadership roles and creating a vision for anti-oppression initiatives at CMC and in our local community. The task force includes Mike Brislen, Kim Copeland, Tim Seidel, and Pastor Jennifer Davis Sensenig.

CMCers brainstormed ideas for how to resist oppression and advocate for racial equity at a recent potluck meal

The task force was created following an Adult Christian Education series titled “Racial Equity and the Church.” In this series, we struggled with questions like: What is systemic racism? What can we really do about it? And what does it have to do with how we pray, read scripture, worship, or serve in our community?

Activities of the task force over the past month have included sharing information about opportunities, such as the upcoming Racial Equity Institute training (Nov. 8-9), and providing opportunities for ongoing engagement around issues of anti-oppression and equity. The task force sponsors monthly potlucks with the goal to connect, share a meal, and discuss a topic related to anti-oppression work and equity. If you are interested in participating in the Racial Equity Institute training in November, please contact one of the task force members.

—Timothy Seidel, on behalf of CMC’s Anti-Oppression Task Force
Reposed from our Oct. 25 newsletter.