CMCers in the world: Jack Rutt

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Jack Rutt was recently featured in an article on EMU's website celebrating his not-quite-retirement.

Jack Rutt calls this next transition period “moving to retirement.” He’s not quite there yet and may never be “fully retired.” In his current role of special projects support, Jack has provided oversight to some of the major facilities improvements on campus, including the completed Roselawn renovation and the ongoing Suter Science Center project…

He anticipates continuing to provide project management services “for some (yet to be determined) period of time on a very part-time, highly flexible schedule,” he says.

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Our own congregation has benefited greatly from Jack's project management skills as he's guided us through the Everyone Welcome renovation. Hats off to you, Jack. We're glad you're a part of our family.

A note from your friendly tech committee chair: I love featuring this sort of thing on our church site. If you or another member appear in an article on local media, please send me a link! –Alisha Huber

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