Outreach Commission Job Description


The Outreach Commission oversees all aspects of the local outreach ministry for Community Mennonite Church.  The Outreach Commission will deal primarily with ongoing programs at CMC with an eye to local needs and how to best meet the needs of the community.

The primary assignment for the Outreach Commission will be to monitor and improve upon what is being done locally and to keep CMC members informed of needs and concerns. The Outreach Commission will resource and give counsel to the various committees and representatives who regularly report to the commission.  The Outreach Commission will process and develop recommendations for Church Council  (but not make final decisions) on matters that pertain to the committees and representatives related to the commission.


To fulfill this mission and purpose, the Outreach Commission will …

  1. Hold regular, nearly monthly meetings to discuss and act on issues related to our mission and purpose.
  2. Review annually the financial needs of the committees and present budget needs in writing to the finance committee when budget requests are solicited. Once budgets are set, commissions are expected to stay within guidelines and over spending must be approved by the finance committee and council.
  3. Work with all the different groups and committees located within the Outreach Commission. These groups, delegates and committees consist of:

    This work will be done through periodic reporting, improved communication and solicitation of needs as appropriate.

  4. Work with the Community Life Commission regarding special events such as the Shindigs and ice cream and music for Patchwork Pantry.
  5. Self-evaluate at regular intervals as designated by Church Council.
  6. Maintain written minutes of all meetings, keep documents as needed.


Members of the OC are persons who have skills in relationship and community building, effective communication, program planning and facilitation. Members are expected to maintain and exercise spiritually mature discretion and confidentiality with sensitive information.
The OC will be composed of members as follows:

  1. The chair of the OC, discerned by the Gift Discernment Committee, is responsible for the function of this commission and will attend Church Council as a council member. As such, the chair’s primary responsibilities are to coordinate the communications between Church Council and the OC and to coordinate the efforts of the commission.
    The other members of the commission include the following:
  2. Secretary
  3. At Large Rep (Ben Wyse)
  4. At Large Rep (Nellie Moreno Shenk)
  5. At Large Rep (Katrina Swartz)
  6. At Large Rep (Sara Kiser)
  7. Peace & Justice Committee rep. permanently on Commission (Michael Snell-Feikema)
  8. Pastoral Team Representative (Jason Gerlach)


The Outreach Commission is accountable to the Church Council at Community Mennonite Church. Church Council may determine if and when written reports are required for council and/or for the congregation.