Arts Committee

The combined forces of the Community Mennonite Church Vision Process in 2016 and the building review and Everyone Welcome projects of 2014 through 2016 suggest congregational interest and opportunities for art in many forms, not tangential to our life as a worshiping community, but as a larger part of it. The possibilities are many when we multiply the places for art by the forms: the sanctuary, the halls, the walls, the windows, the fellowship hall, the sidewalks, the grounds, the concrete wall in parking lot; by paintings, sculpture, music, poetry, stories, drama, photography, stained glass, installations, landscapes, and many others.

Art for art’s sake would be reason enough, and besides that, reason isn’t the point. Realizations or visions that come separate from logic and theology–no less logical or theological; no more or less devotional, deep, or instructive; and of a piece with the building of place and community, mission and vision, for which CMC prays–should be provided a chance to appear.

Artists within our own congregation work where their gifts are valued and compensated and requested. More have gifts they may not know they have, that will show given opportunity to show them. But art is not for the artists, but for witnesses who, seeing what hasn’t been seen before, see more things new.

Mission Statement.

The Arts Council will seek out and sponsor artistic projects at Community Mennonite Church in any area and medium of congregational life.


The Arts Council will be a standing part of the Worship commission.

Job descriptions.

The Arts Council will comprise:

  • Chair-—Lead Council discussions and projects, manage Council budget. Reports to the chair of the Worship Commission.
  • At-large members-—Two to three additional Council members.
  • Meetings-—Meetings will be held every other month, between First Friday openings.
  • CMC Arts Council will connect with representatives from the Worship and Administrative commissions as necessitated by proposed or on-going projects.

Current Members

  • Matt Carlson (chair)
  • Aaron Oda
  • Susannah Oda
  • Aili Huber
  • Luisa Miller