Construction Update for August 20, 2015

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This is what's been happening on the CMC renovation project this week:

  • Demolition in and around the rooms off the north hall way continues, and should be mostly done by Friday. (Given that, this might seem obvious, but the north hall remains closed, and the ramp entrance is only available for people who really need it. Continue to use the glass doors on the west side of the church.)
  • Framing for the reconfigured offices, new restrooms, and new nursery will start next week.
  • Also next week, we expect work to start on the south entrance and steps. This will involve a temporary wall between the vestibule and the fellowship hall. The concrete steps outside will be torn down and replaced; a new door will be installed; and that weird step down to the fellowship hall will be eliminated. And, as an added bonus, there will be a real landing outside the door so you won't get knocked down the steps when you open it.
  • Salvaged materials, including ceiling panels, lights, and a very fine toilet, can be claimed–first come, first served–in the construction area through Monday, August 24. For more information on that, call Jack Rutt at 540.578.1782.
  • The Building Committee has accepted proposals for HVAC work, plumbing, and an energy survey, as well as other stuff. If you have questions about that committee, email Jeremy Nafziger.

Pictures from this week.


The wall of the north hallway had at least three kinds of construction, including wood lathe, a weird kind of plaster backing material, and drywall. Now it has none.



View from the church administrator's office through the old conference room, nursery, and storage room toward room 109. This will be restrooms, a hall from the ramp, and the nursery before long.


View from the old tables-and-chairs storage room toward the church offices. With much appreciation for people who had the good sense to put the lovely Gothic windows in a non-Gothic building.

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