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Like school kids counting down the days until Christmas break, the building renovation project is counting down the days until the end of the first phase (at which time there will come something like a Christmas break). The last week and the next involve final details on several fronts.

  • Our own Jay Hartzler took a break from making Romanian-style sheds for nativity sets and trimmed out five arched windows Jennifer's and Jason's offices and in the new nursery. At about the same time, our own David Kreider restored the outer storm windows for the same five windows.
  • There's an attic above the Sunday school classroom 202 that now holds a platform for an air exchange unit that puts fresh air into all the renovated rooms.
  • An electrician skillfully threaded a number of cables from the sound booth to the altar area. These will allow the upgrade to the audio system and a new permanently mounted projector and screen. Those will be installed after Advent.
  • The boiler is still in startup mode but we expect progress to be made on it next week. The boiler heats the water that warms the floor of the sanctuary.
  • The prayer space in the small room on the main floor in the southwest corner of the building is once again available for use by the Prayer Partners ministry, although there is a final piece of duct work that will be installed sometime in January.
  • Our own John Murch spent some rugged hours in the crawl space under the kitchen, fellowship hall and coat room, cutting out fistfuls of pipes that are no longer needed. And then our own Mike Zook and his crew (including our own Kent Davis Sensenig) removed those pipes that John had cut (and some that were just lying around unconnected) and then removed another round of junk from the mechanical room, and took out an abandoned stairway under the existing men's restroom.
  • All that was volunteer labor. Thank all the parties involved when you see them. And watch for your chance to join in next time, or check out the painting schedule here and sign up.
  • A final electrical inspection is expected in the coming week, which will result in an occupancy permit that makes all this "legal" for human consumption or use or whatever.

This week's pictures:


By mysterious routes known only to electricians, these cables lead from behind the front arch to the sound booth.


We could probably hold the next fellowship meal on the floor of the cleaned up furnace room.


CMC: Built on the rock. In this specific case, this one in the furnace room.

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