Directory update!

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Dear friends,

The #1 issue people have with our CMC website has long been the cumbersome directory login process. Unfortunately, this page is also the most-used section of our site. It has long been a thorn in my side as it has been in many of yours.

I have switched to a slightly new system for logging in to view the directory. You will now see a login panel that asks for a username and password. The username is "directory" and the password is what it has been for quite some time (please contact me or the church office if you don't know what that means). You should NOT be prompted to log in a million times–just once per visit–and there's even a "remember me" checkbox that will keep you from having to log in ever again, unless you clear your browser cookies.

Also, note that the directory has its own little search box in the upper right. This is different than the church website search, which is all the way on the top right.

believe that this system is quite secure, however, if you have concerns or other feedback, please report them to me ASAP.

Thank you again for your patience as I have worked through the various issues associated with this process.

~Alisha Huber

Office & Tech Chair & Webfairy

Community Mennonite Church
70 South High Street Harrisonburg, VA