End of summer

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If you squint, a building project calendar looks a little like an Advent calendar–something happens each day, and each day counts down to the end of the project/season. The anticipation builds! CMC gets two such countdowns this year, as the north hall/south entrance part of the project is supposed to end right about when Advent starts.

Anyway, sometimes you open the little window on the Advent calendar and it's something nice and all, but just not that exciting. Sometimes you get, like, a candlestick or a poorly rendered shepherd's crook, something like that, and the best that can be said is that at least it got you closer to Christmas.

All that's to say, there is no grand inspiring progress to report this week, and apparently even the analogies to use in the weekly update are hard to come by. One reason for this doldrum-ic week is that our contractor was on vacation this week, taking advantage of the last official days of summer.

But it's not like nothing happened, and the things that did happen are of course all in preparation for the next steps, and things are moving along as schedule. Here's the list:

  • Electrical and HVAC contractors completed their rough-in work for the nursery and restrooms areas, and passed a city inspection.
  • Plans were made to clean out the north and south second-floor chambers in the wings of the chancel. These are the rooms, used for storage, on either side of the baptistery. Some of each room will be lost to air handlers for sanctuary climate control; those will be installed in the two weeks on either side of church retreat, so as not to disrupt our use of the sanctuary.
  • A subcommittee of the building committee, known as the "Interior Finishes Team" and comprising Ruth Stoltzfus Jost, Linda Martin Burkholder and Robert Fernandez, met with architect Anna Campbell for a third time and made selections for the restroom and hallway floor covering and restroom components (counter tops and toilet partitions) as well as assemblies for the south and north replacement doors. Their recommendations go to the building committee next week for final approval.
  • Speaking of the Interior Finishes Team, they're also figuring out what the floor of the renovated fellowship hall will be covered with. They are considering the effects of changing from carpet to a harder surface such as vinyl tile or linoleum because of the regular use of this space for events where spilled food and drinks occur. Many factors are being considered, including cost, sustainability, pre/post consumer content, likely noise levels, maintainability and the overall "feel" that each surface option would bring to the room. This work won't actually be done until February, but the building committee wants to make a choice soon so that the budget implications, if any, are taken care of.
  • Drywall for the north hallway was to be delivered Friday, and should start going up next week.

As always, a few pictures.


A good look at the new north hallway, if you imagine completed walls, doors, and a floor without waves.


The walls of Pastor Jennifer's office, just about ready to drywall.


When you remove radiators, it leaves holes. Here, a carpenter repairs one such hole. Remember, we have old radiators available.

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