Fall Worship Series: Faithful Love

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Faithful Love
Community Mennonite Church
Fall 2015

We continue our fall worship series following the Biblical history stories that our children are learning in their Sunday School classes. Arriving in a Promised Land, God’s people face challenges of creating a just society, developing leaders, and learning to trust God in a changing context. We also discover the connections between Israel’s history, the ministry of Jesus, and our own life as a witness to Jesus Christ in Harrisonburg and the surrounding community.

The seven abstract Anabaptist icons written by Mennonite artist, Kathryn Fenton serve as a visual focus for this series. Kathryn chose seven doctrines: Trinity, Christ, Scripture, Salvation, Sacraments, Discipleship and Nonviolence. The icons draw us toward God, and deeper into our Anabaptist tradition, while also evoking new ground for faithful living, especially through contemplative and aesthetic dimensions of our Christian spirituality. We’ve chosen a Taizé hymn for contemplation during this series: Come and fill our hearts with your peace. (At left: Trinity icon)

Oct 11: Ruth & Naomi

Ruth 1-4

Preacher: Jennifer Davis Sensenig


Oct 18: CMC Church Retreat

“Play it again, Sam: How God speaks through play”

Preacher: Melissa Florer-Bixler

Parent-Child Dedication

Receiving New Members


Oct 25: Saul becomes king

I Samuel 8:1-10:25

Preacher: Jennifer Davis Sensenig


Nov 1: Samuel anoints David      

I Samuel 16:1-13

Preacher: Dayna Olson-Getty

All Saints Day

Memory Garden Dedication


Nov 8: David trusts God

I Samuel 17

Preacher: Jennifer Davis Sensenig


Nov 15: David begins his rule

II Samuel 7, 9

Preacher: Jennifer Davis Sensenig


Nov 22: Nathan confronts King David

Preachers: David & Rebekka Stutzman

II Samuel 11:1-12:15

Annual Congregational Meeting after Sunday School (meal and childcare provided)


Community Mennonite Church
70 South High Street Harrisonburg, VA