Finishing up this phase, and also a crane

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Cranes are big news to those of us who don't work near or with them regularly. The visit to CMC this week of such a machine probably should have occasioned a kindergarten field trip, at least. But so far as I can tell, the crane made a visit on Friday with only the passing traffic on High Street to give its proper due. The crane lifted two metal platform onto the flat roof outside the church library window and the roof above the library. The platform will hold the outdoor HVAC units that heat and cool the rooms on the new north hall–and in its munificence, the crane also hoisted those up.

And fortunately there's a crane video, thanks to project manager Jack Rutt.

Also this week:

  • if you heard the building committee announcement a few weeks ago, you might recall something about a broken sewer pipe, a wastewater treatment facility, and a glass-bottomed boat. That's fixed.
  • In the new restrooms, plumbing fixtures are installed.
  • Interior doors are hung  and ready for painting. Click here to sign up!
  • The old and creaky folding partition that formed one wall of room 109 has been removed, and work on a new wall with pocket doors has started.

This continue to be more or less on schedule for a wrap of this phase of work before Thanksgiving.

Now, with bonus pictures:


This is the new, closed sewer pipe. The other one was old and, well, open. This will also be covered in concrete.


New water fountains. This will certainly put me in a better frame of mind than the old one, especially if I try to run back there and get a quick drink before leading singing. One should not lead singing while muttering under one's breath.


The new wall to room 109, with the old wall crumpled up on the floor.


This isn't new, but old: the brickwork on the north wall of the oldest part of the building. Put here because we never get to see up there.


The platform for the outdoor units, outside the library window.


The crane at work



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