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The big project news in the week that ended December 11, 2015, was that city inspectors gave final approval to the work in the north hall. That means the new restrooms are theoretically available for use, BUT we want you to hold off one more Sunday, as the soap dispensers and toilet paper dispensers aren't installed yet. When the signs go up outside the restrooms, it means they are open. That should happen in the coming week.

In other activity:

  • The storm sashes for the five arched windows on the north side of the building were restored by David Kreider, and the old window sills have been nicely clad in white aluminum.
  • Some exterior lights were installed where the old ramp is, and where the new ramp will be. These are the first installment on exterior lights all around the building. The lights are sized and designed to minimize light pollution, which will be swell for future Geminid meteor showers like the one this Sunday. The lights that will be on the back (east) side of the building will be operated by motion-detector switches, and the others will be dusk-t0-dawn. This is a joint thing by the Everyone Welcome project and the property committee.
  • There are hand railings on the new south entrance, and Kirk Shank-Zehr told me that the limestone would be done today, too. Now we just need a new door there, which will happen in January. But we won't get to use it, because the fellowship hall will be closed until the end of February.
  • The new boiler works, but some additional thermostat work in the west basement area is needed before it's fully operational. That will be done next week. But if the weather is like today, we might just not run it until next winter.
  • Kitchen plumbing repairs, actually a property committee project as it was outside the scope of Everyone Welcome (yet visible from it), will be done next week. Drains that clogged on a regular basis, won't. The work is scheduled to disrupt kitchen use as little as possible.
  • The new speaker, projector, and screen in the sanctuary are postponed until January so as not to mess up our beautiful Advent arts.
  • Also coming in January, with the new door by the ramp, will be a key card access system. This will provide better control over entrance to the church in off hours. Jack Rutt is working with pastoral team, property committee, Dan Beachy (knows about these things), and Kent Davis Sensenig (rental manager) to develop a comprehensive lock and key plan.

A few pictures from this week:


A nicely restored window sash

CMC-1207-1211-5 (a)

A well-lighted place


Handrails on the improved south entrance

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