It's (mostly) all connected

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When carpet starts appearing on the floors, it's a sure sign that things are wrapping up–in that room, at least. Carpet did in fact get partially installed in the new church offices and nursery this week. Elsewhere:

  • The HVAC units in the offices, restrooms, nursery, and hallway are connected and operational. The units in room 109, the coat room, and the kitchen will work on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Kirk Shank-Zehr began laying the limestone veneer under the south entrance steps. Kirk is a former CMC member, and I'm told he may even read these updates. (Hi, Kris.)
  • Where the old accordion-fold "wall" was removed from room 109, there is the better part of a wall, complete with once-finished drywall on the coat room side and a temporary panel where the sliding doors will go. The wall will be ready for painting early next week, which is good because there is no work in the later part of next week.
  • The two arched windows in the nursery have been replaced, and replacements are on hand for the similar-styled windows in Pastor Jennifer's and Pastor Jason's offices. David Kreider is repairing the leaky upper arches, and Jay Hartzler is making the trim for the inside.

This week's pictures:


This is the work it took to plan the control lines and locations for the various HVAC units.


Carpet installed in the church administrator's office


Kirk Shank-Zehr working on the limestone sides of the steps, which will match the lower courses of the building walls


Replacing windows


A row of city skyscrapers or six of the HVAC units on the roof platform?

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