It's the little things

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The Christmas break faded away, and the arch considerations are ongoing, and we don't have any plans to give up construction for Lent, which came early this year. A few other things have been going on.

  • The nursery is being used, and now has some shelves, bathroom accessories, and decorations.
  • The construction barrier at the South Entrance has been removed, and the new doors are in place. Try it out.
  • The janitor's closet, which used to be back amid the pastors' offices, is fitted with shelves and a mop sink.
  • In the fellowship hall, where the restrooms used to be–OK, the restrooms weren't really in the fellowship hall, but you get the idea–it turns out that the floor of the former men's room was in bad shape and is being replaced. We also had an initial assessment of the condition of the brick wall (which hopefully will become the north wall of the fellowship hall) by masonry expert Freeman Troyer, and are hoping for good news.

Check back soon for more information on the fellowship hall design and progress. In the meantime, here are this week's pictures.


The new south entrance to the fellowship hall.


Shelves, decals, and the changing table in the new nursery.


More shelves. You don't miss shelves until you don't have them, and then their installation is cause for excitement. And home to cleaning supplies.


The doors to the old restrooms were actually exterior doors with arches in 1907. These would be neat to preserve, but the horizontal studs near the peak of the arch are actually the floor of the second floor of our building.


Years of use as a restroom floor can be difficult for an old floor, and this one has given the last true measure. It's being replaced.


New exterior lighting on the northwest side of the church.

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