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The walls of the renovated rooms are nearly ready to paint–hopefully, with your help. That and other things that went on during the week of October 5-9:

  • As mentioned, drywall in the new restrooms and the nursery is ready for primer paint, and the drywall in the office areas will be ready for that early next week. Linda Martin Burkholder is generously organizing the painting effort (and the four-figure savings that come with it), so please sign up to help here. Painting is starting immediately. Sign up now.
  • Another volunteer opportunity comes on Thursday (October 15) at 12:30. For a few hours, we need volunteers to clean out a few areas. You will get to break stuff up, it doesn't require any special skills, and you might get sort of dirty. Targets include the old New Bridges space and preparing the crawl space under the pastors' offices for insulation. (Note: There is a crawl space under the pastors' offices. Who knew?) John Murch will be in charge. You can sign up with John or email Jeremy Nafziger.
  • You may recall the pictures a few weeks ago of the dissambled old boilers in two very large piles. The single replacement boiler, much smaller and much more efficient, has arrived and should be operational by October 23.
  • Excel Heating and Cooling installed ceiling mounted HVAC units in three rooms on east side of building (109, coatroom, kitchen). They don't do anything yet, but they are there. Outdoor units, all of which will be installed on the roof, will be installed after the steel platform on which they will be mounted is designed, fabricated and installed on the roof which is planned for next week.
  • The first of two indoor HVAC units for the sanctuary was moved into the former upstairs storage closet on the second floor on the north side of the building. Its installation will be fairly complex during the next two weeks as holes are cut in the walls above the doors at the front of the sanctuary for the air supply ducts and return air ducts are installed in the two rooms on the north and south sides of the stage area. All installing is planned to start Monday, when there is a two-week window of no-services-at-CMC owing to church retreat.

And finally, a few pictures.


This is some of the drywall you should sign up to paint (in Pastor Jason's office). When they built cathedrals in the Middle Ages, the church offered indulgences for volunteer labor. Alas, we are in another age, but you will still feel much better about yourself if you do it.


The new boiler, which replaces two giant piles of metal.


Heating and cooling unit in the kitchen ceiling. Previously, the kitchen had the following heating and cooling systems: a window unit air conditioner. That's it.

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