Labor Day Week Update

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Friday of this week marks one month since the start of construction (and about eight months of planning, inspecting, designing, fundraising, and the rest). And despite the four-day week, lots of stuff is going on:

  • Most of the rough-in drains and pipes will be in by Friday. A-Able is the plumbing contractor.
  • Also, in the north hall area, Excel Steel HVAC installers are putting duct work in first-floor rooms for fresh air and restroom exhaust systems. Each newly renovated room on the first floor with have its own room unit that will provide either hot or cold air, depending on the demand. Each of these units has two copper tubing connections that go to the "outdoor unit."
  • Speaking of those outdoor units, we have decided to put most of them on a platform (outdoors, naturally) to be constructed on the two sections of flat roof over the second-floor classrooms.
  • Carpenters began building the floor for the new south entrance foyer, the one that will be at the same level as the fellowship hall floor.
  • Last Friday, some CMC volunteers spent a day getting piles of stuff out of the boiler room. This week, mechanics took apart both old boilers in that room. The pieces, most of which weigh at least 100 pounds, will be hauled to a scrap metal dealer next week.

As always, if you have questions about the project, you can email or otherwise contact Jeremy Nafziger, building project committee chair. Project updates will be posted here every week. The links at the top of the page have the schedule and plans.

Roughed in drains in a new restroom

Roughed in drains in a new restroom


Assorted contractors looking at the site of the platform that will hold outdoor HVAC units.


What piles of old boilers look like

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