Last-minute gifts

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The news from the week before Christmas includes detail work and exploratory surgery on the old restroom areas, plus that last-minute gift that may save your Christmas morning.

  • Linda Martin Burkholder led some more trim painting.
  • The old restrooms were decomissioned in a private ceremony on December 15, and the new ones put into service. It's been said that they have that "new restroom smell."
  • The unceremonious, though careful, demolition of the old restrooms began. The old fixtures were removed and have been moved to the previous New Bridges area in the basement, where you can look and take one home at your convenience, for free. (These are the aforementioned Christmas gift possibilities.)
  • And in the demolition, the oldest part of the building has begun to give up some secrets. There is a substantially charred timber in the utility chase of the men's restroom (that odd square outcropping across from the old entry door), and what Jack Rutt calls "some pretty chaotic structures, wiring, and plumbing" has been revealed as the interior walls come down.
  • Not a lot will happen this week, but it will include more exterior lights and plumbing improvements in the kitchen.

Pictures from last week:


This is the CMC Gift Emporium mentioned above. It's obviously no Ten Thousand Villages, but take a look and take what you want. Please.


The old sink area in the old men's restroom. Note that the large mirror (not pictured) is available for your gift-giving purposes in the previously pictures pile of stuff.


You can see the top of an arch here that was part of the chancel of the oldest part of the building, and also some elderly electrical components.


This charred beam presents several questions, such as "What in the world?", "When did it get that way?", and "What pirate ship did that come off of?"

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