Ministry of Meals Continues

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CMC’s Ministry of Meals pairs senior adults with young families struggling with work, child care, and additional stresses during this pandemic.   The seniors have provided one or two meals per month for the families, to give the families a bit of relief from cooking for an evening.

The Ministry of Meals began with a discussion at a women’s Bible Study this past summer about the differing stresses CMC members are experiencing during the pandemic, and the realization that families with young children are one of the groups experiencing the most stress, and that we, as seniors, could provide meals that could both help the families a bit and show the care that the church has for them.  Since September,   18 senior women and men prepared and delivered approximately 105 meals to 15 families.    The ministry will continue through April.

Reta Finger was paired with Sara, Matt, Reuben, Micah and Lydia Gingerich. Here’s what they have to say about the experience:

“We really appreciated receiving meals every other week this fall!  It was a blessing to not worry about one more meal and be able to get other things done, or spend some extra time with our children.  We also enjoyed our interactions with Reta, and getting to know her a bit better.  We invited Reta to join us one evening for supper, outside and socially distanced.  It was good for all of us to have a meal together!  This ministry was helpful for our family, and is life-giving for both the preparers and receivers.”

“The best part for me was getting to know Sara, Matt, and the kids much better than I had before. The children were friendly and I enjoyed talking with them. We ate together one time on their porch  before the weather got cold, and that was really nice. An added perk was the reciprocation–they often gave me food from their garden in exchange:  broccoli, squash, and other veggies!  And, oh, yes–watching the little pigs!”

– Jan Jenner, Community Life Commission Chair

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