Newsweekly September 4 2016

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Newsweekly 090416

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Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale: As we look for new missions that God may be calling our church to through the visioning process, we need to remember the missions to which we are already committed.  One of these is the MCC relief sale.  Ruth and I spent the past 8 days in Poland on a Mennonite Heritage tour.  Also on the tour were a number of Mennonites from Manitoba.  They confirmed what I had already heard—two relief sales in Manitoba, including the Winnipeg sale, have closed down because the people who were involved in the sale became too old to do their jobs and new people did not volunteer for the tasks. Community Mennonite continues to be actively involved in the Virginia sale, including the Murches who have stepped forward to take over the donut making.  But the sale really needs help filling other positions if it is to continue. Let Tim Jost or Sam Miller know if you can help.

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Prayers for Sunday, September 4

Crystal Lehman has just finished her first month of teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pray for her as she continues to become accustomed to lesson planning each day.



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