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As we begin the two-week span over church retreat, work on the HVAC in the sanctuary is taking place right on schedule. Which is more than I can say for this update, which is late. In a related story, I don't recommend the Windows 10 update, free or not. Here's the story for this week.

  • Your fellow church members did an awful lot of volunteer work this week, and it is saving us considerable money. A team led by John Murch filled up a dumpster and John's truck with several cubic yards of stones and brick plus abandoned pipes from the office crawl space; old pipes from the northwest Sunday school area; old wood from the mechanical room; and basement outdoor and indoor AC units. The closets in that Sunday school hall are gone, and Hugh Stoll obliterated lots of unused wiring. Thanks to John, Johnathan Murch, Duane Miller, Tim Jost, and Hugh.
  • Painting began under the direction of Linda Martin Burkholder, with lots of help. Priming is completed and about two-thirds of the top coat as well. There's more to do, so sign up here.
  • The new boiler, with is literally less than one-quarter the size of either of the two old ones, was fastened in its permanent place in the mechanical room.
  • Excel Heating and Cooling made significant progress in the sanctuary. The supply duct holes above the doors at the front have been cut into the masonry wall and the return air ducts that will be in the anterooms which will come through the side walls along the stage have been cut through the 2nd floor to the anterooms.
  • Johann Zimmermann provided the drawing details needed for Excel to construct steel platforms on the two roof areas to hold all but 2 of the 15 new outdoor HVAC units.

Pictures follow:


Insert your own joke about making the sanctuary more hole-y. But rest assured that these outlets won't look like the gaping hole they appear to be in this picture when they're finished.


Some pipes have to be forcibly removed.


Painting by Rosemary Good, Gloria Rutt, Wayne Gehman, and Harold Shenk

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