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Your Church Mailbox May Not Be Where You Left It

An impromptu CMC senior adult work day in the fellowship hall – Dennis & Sharon Showalter installed new mailbox labels while Tom Sawin repainted a wall in preparation for a new banner hanging system

Some of you may have noticed that your CMC mailbox has wandered out of order over the past years. If you recently received your mailbox, it may never have been in its proper location in the alphabet. You can
imagine that alphabetizing all the boxes is a chore. Thankfully, it will be significantly easier going forward.

On a recent Tuesday, Sharon and Dennis Showalter volunteered to help make and install new mailbox labels.  The new labels adhere using Velcro and will make reshuffling the boxes to accommodate new attenders a much less daunting task.

Nevertheless, it is still daunting to conceive of a labeling system that will make everyone happy.  CMC has about 180 mailboxes and a variety of household preferences when it comes to their last names. Therefore , CMC staff decided to prioritize mailbox navigation, making it easy to find a person’s mailbox, and gender egalitarianism ,making a system that does not essentialize a man’s last name. This system places any last names used by a household on the left, followed by any first names in the family.

We understand that this arrangement will not meet every need — it will not serve as a de-facto directory for instance (for that you will have to look on Breeze). We do hope that it is a system that will be easy to use and maintain, while symbolically representing our value of gender equality.

Old-School Directories

An old CMC directory

We have far too many old CMC directories.  They are the last hard copies that we had printed a few years ago.  They are certainly out of date, but they are also useful and somewhat fun to flip through.  If you want one, send me an email and I’ll place it in your church mailbox. Remember, for the most up-to-date CMCer contact info, head to the Breeze Directory on our website,

A Lost & Found Ultimatum

CMC's lost & found is located under the mailboxes

CMC’s lost and found is just about overflowing with misplaced items.  Please have a look in the cabinet under the mailboxes if you think you may have left something here. Or take a peak at the pic below! Unclaimed items will be taken to Gift & Thrift after Nov. 3..


  • Various drinking vessels and mixing bowls
  • Flip flops, one pair
  • A copy of: Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party
  • A bow for a classical stringed instrument
  • Bug spray

-Ben Bailey, Church Administrator
Reposted from our Oct. 11 Newsletter