Outreach Commission Update, June 2017

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During our June meeting, OC members amended our policy regarding financial support of young adults serving with Mennonite Voluntary Service. In the past, our policy did not provide for individuals who chose to serve an additional year. Our amended policy dictates that CMC continue to support such an individual financially at the level of $1,000 (as compared to $2,000 for her/his first year of service). Financial support will be given regardless of whether the individual chooses to serve an additional year in the same job and location or move to a different placement.

As communicated to CMC congregants in May, $10,000 remains of the Everyone Welcome tithe funds. A survey was sent out electronically and hard copies were made available at Sunday services in May. Input from the survey was compiled and discussed at our June OC meeting. There were many recommendations given, with several organizations being mentioned numerous times. OC members agreed to consider the survey results along with CMC's vision process results and come to our August meeting prepared to make a final decision for allocating the remaining funds.