Summer Worship Series 2015

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Enjoying what God Value$

Summer Worship Series 2015

We are grateful for God’s provision in our lives, yet we also work hard to “earn a living” and feel defeated when we cannot. Giving and receiving gifts of money can stir within us feelings of joy or shame.  Living in a complex first world economy, yet aware of our poorest neighbors–struggling for food, clothing and shelter–we can be plagued by a sense of helplessness to make a difference.  How does the record of God’s concern for economic justice and wise living equip us for enjoying what God values?  These are themes we’ll explore as we worship the God who hears the cries of the poor, the Savior who provides for the world, and the Spirit who like a flame ignites our will to live as a community with alternative values.

May 31           Wisely Saving vs. Storing up Treasure (Planning for Tomorrow)

Scriptures:                   Exodus 16:1-8

Luke 12:13-21

Sermon:  Pastor Jennifer Davis Sensenig

June 7           Extravagance or Thrift? (Food, Clothing, Shelter)

Scriptures:          John 12:1-8

I Timothy 6:6-19

Sermon:  Pastor Jason Gerlach

June 14        Giving & Sharing (Community Resources)

Scripture:          Deuteronomy 26:5-10

Acts 4:32-35

Sermon: Pastor Jennifer Davis Sensenig

Our theme song for this worship series, As saints of old, recalls the ancient offering practice of bringing first fruits. The author of the hymn text, Frank von Christierson, was born in Finland and moved to the United States when he was five. He was a Presbyterian pastor in California. He wrote this about this hymn:

As pastor of two new churches, with small memberships and great financial needs, I have been deeply concerned with stewardship, also because I am deeply concerned about missions and the outreach of the church to ‘all the world,’ [and] also because stewardship is a very important phase of the Christian life. No one is deeply Christian until he is a ‘good steward.’

(And when he wrote it in 1960, the first line was “As men of old…,” of course.) The tune is from a professor at Augsburg College in Minneapolis.  Our children’s times during this series will include teaching on saving, simplicity, and giving.  We hope these will reinforce what families are teaching at home or inspire new conversations around the table.

Worship Planners for this series:  Jodi Nisly Hertzler, Dave Smucker, Dayna Olson-Getty, Jason Gerlach, Joyce Peachy Lind, Jennifer Davis Sensenig

Community Mennonite Church
70 South High Street Harrisonburg, VA