Summer Worship Series: Biblical Women

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Miriam Dancing, Anna Kocherovsky

Biblical Women

Community Mennonite Church 

A Summer Worship Series  2015

We launch this summer worship series with one of the call stories from our Bible School curriculum:  Message Received.  To join Mary, called to bear Jesus the Messiah into the world, we’ve chosen four other Biblical women:  Tamar, daughter of King David; Mary, leader of a Jerusalem house church; Rhoda, a servant in Mary’s home; and an unnamed woman who met Jesus.  The stories of these women range from horrifying to inspiring.  Some stories are familiar, while others may be surprisingingly new.  We expect that each one will  take on some fresh resonance as we engage them from our current vantage point as a congregation in local mission in Harrisonburg and sending women and men into many other places around the world.  As our worship is shaped by these contributions to our Biblical inheritance, let’s take seriously the stories of our lives, seeking the traces of God’s work within us and through us as we bear Christ in our world today.

Aug 2:        Mary:  Mother of Jesus                    

Potluck Meal @ Morrison Park

Scriptures:          Luke 1:26-45; Luke 1:46-55

Sermon:  Jenae Longenecker (Pastoral Intern)

Aug 9:        Tamar                               

Lord’s Supper

Scriptures        II Samuel 13:1-39; Mark 10:13-16

Sermon: Pastor Jennifer Davis Sensenig

Aug 16:        Rhoda & Mary: Mother of John Mark            


Scripture:          Psalm 102:1-22; Acts 12:1-19

Bible Study: Pastor Jennifer Davis Sensenig

Aug 23:        Canaanite Woman                          

Scripture:          Isaiah 2:2-4; Matthew 15:21-28

Sermon: Pastor Dayna Olson-Getty

Community Mennonite Church
70 South High Street Harrisonburg, VA