This Week in Your Church (August 27, 2015)

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This week, work on the north hallway continued, and there was some outside work for the first time. Here's what's going on:

  • With the removal of bricks between the administrator's office and the dark, narrow hallway that went to Pastors Jennifer and Jason's offices, the demolition in the north hallway area is pretty much complete. By the end of November, when this phase is done, you'll get to those offices through the administrator's office. The janitor's closet that was also down that dark hall will become an office storage space or very small conference space.
  • On the south side of the building, the steps from the fellowship hall are just about gone. While the heavy equipment was there, we had them remove the "steps to nowhere" that were near the sandbox in the playground and led to a closed wall outside the kitchen. (Little known fact: There used to be a second steeple/bell tower in that area.) New steps outside, and the elimination of that unusual step between the doors and fellowship hall will be done in 4 to 6 weeks. There is a safety wall inside the fellowship hall, and a safety fence on park of the playground where the chain link fence had to be taken down.
  • Walls for the new restrooms, north hallway, and nursery are being framed.
  • Mike Zook is assembling a crew to "clean out" the soffit along the north walls of the classrooms in the northeast area of the basement. This soffit contains many telecom wires, radiator pipes and air conditioning ducts that are no longer needed. Removing them will significantly simplify the work the plumbers will need to do for the new restrooms.
  • The construction barriers will be modified to permit the storage of the chairs and table carts in the renovation space over the weekend, thereby clearing the coatroom area. Modifications will also ensure that the North Entrance ramp can again be used for persons requiring wheelchair access. A building committee representative will be present in this area on Sunday mornings to unlock construction barrier doors to enable wheelchair passage to the Sanctuary from the North Entrance.
  • Remember that as you begin to make your project pledge payments, or whatever they're called, you must write "Everyone Welcome Campaign" in the memo line of your check, or they will be counted as regular offering.

There are a few pictures below, and more at Thanks for reading.


Brick removed to open the administrator's office to Jennifer's and Jason's offices.


These steps don't work anymore. The new steps will have a wider (i.e., safer) landing at the top, and there won't be a step down to the fellowship hall.


The new nursery, on the right; space for the men's restroom; and new posts and header.

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