What's old is new

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As the last month of this first stage of the project begins, some steps look smaller–there's no remaining walls to move, for example–and some make it start to look like it may actually get finished. The most important thing to report just now, is that the work is on schedule and should wrap up just before Thanksgiving. Then there will be a break in December, and then mass destruction and reconstruction of the fellowship hall.

This week:

  • The second coat of paint will be on the walls after Saturday. Linda Martin Burkholder and her volunteers are doing a fine job–to sign up for future painting sessions, go here. And, while you're volunteering, please email Jeremy Nafziger if you're available next week to move old radiators or tear a really dusty ceiling out of the boiler room.
  • The new boiler was connected to the piping via some really pretty, shiny copper pipes. This boiler provides heat to the sanctuary floor much more efficiently than the previous two boilers combined.
  • he sanctuary will also have hot air and air conditioning via two units in the upper rooms beside the chancel. One of those units might actually function by now, but the weather is nice enough that we won't use it yet.
  • We ordered restroom partitions, counter tops, vinyl tile flooring, and carpeting.
  • Installation of the grid that supports the new ceiling in the nursery, halls, and church offices has started.
  • At the south entrance, step forms were built in anticipation of pouring concrete next week.

That's the list. Here are some pictures.


Shiny pipes are the best pipes. That's the new small boiler on the right.


One of the twin HVAC units in the upper rooms beside the altar area. Probably in the past there were organ pipes here.


If you were air coming out of one of the sanctuary HVAC units, this is what you would see as you made your grand entrance.

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