Nursery Committee Job Description


Provide nursery for CMC children and visitors (infants through age 2) during the weekly worship service.


  • Meet as a committee in September to delegate responsibilities for the year
  • Continue to communicate as needed via phone or email throughout the year
  • Schedule volunteers to be in the nursery each Sunday morning during the worship service
  • Keep supplies and snacks available as needed throughout the year
  • Provide safe, unbroken toys to be used in the nursery
  • Keep “quiet bags” stocked for use in the church service for older children (3-5)
  • Weekly: call following week’s volunteers to confirm and find subs if necessary (need to be 15 minutes early)
  • Monthly: check nursery for diapers, wipes, tissues, cups, snacks, masking tape, black markers, crayons, coloring books
  • Quarterly: check toys, throw away broken, buy new as needed and do general straightening, check quiet bags to ensure adequate supply, upkeep bulletin board to update current info on children eligible to use nursery
  • Ongoing: keep updated list of subs and keep schedule current

Regular Activities/Responsibilities:

  • September
    • Meet with committee to allocate duties for the year. Seems to work best to divide year into 4 quarters and have one committee member primarily responsible for all aspects of nursery for 3 month segments.
  • October:
    • Put notice in bulletin for volunteers and/or send email
  • November:
    • Type up and distribute schedule for following calendar year
  • December:
    • Write annual report